"So many nice things, including a painting class! Everything from art to trees, to trains, and Halloween. Seriously everything, including Santa's room. This is not your typical run of the mill gift store, this is the "so much more" store. Many handmade things, rare items... you have to see this." -ME

"Christmas Dove is a magical place for every age to explore. Every Christmas decoration in one's imagination is found here. I think Santa comes here for some of his gifts for children. It's a must to see."- MB

"I love this store!
Allison made me a big beautiful bow to put on the top of my tree and I love it!

Each time I go in, the employees are friendly, professional and very helpful."- CH

"It's a lovely place to go. You really need to spend a few hours there. It can be a little pricey it is enjoyable to walk around so if you're looking for the Christmas spirit this is the place to go."- SH

"My favorite store ever!! It's a family tradition to visit The Christmas Dove each year & stop at Calef's on the way out. The owner (or gentleman who is always there) is so cheerful, happy and welcoming! Happy I get to share this tradition for years with my kids now too."- CB

"Wonderful place for getting into the holiday spirit!! Room after room of fun ideas for on the tree!!"-BW